Lev2Tech Merger Services

Whether your company has already had discussions with potential merger partners, or you are only beginning to explore the idea, Lev2Tech will help you move a merger forward to successful completion.  We can come on board at any stage in the process:

Assessment: We take time to fully understand your company, market and industry. Then we evaluate the operational, strategic and financial opportunities that a merger would offer both the company and the shareholders.
Our SWAT assessment (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) includes company health, market position, and potential for growth and/or diversification. We test underlying assumptions about a merger, and determine the different alternatives that can be pursued.

Team Preparation: We make a formal recommendation and receive feedback, reaching a working plan for a profitable merger process and its objectives. Whether you are the initiator or the target in merger discussions, your company representatives are carefully prepared in how to teamwork with Lev2Tech in handling the merger proposal, discussions and strategic decisions in a way that will meet your objectives.

When your company is initiating the merger proposal, Lev2Tech performs the following services:

Candidate Selection: We search for potential candidates and rank them by market desirability and business logic. Issues assessed include strategic and operational fit, financial health and corporate culture. We also identify second-tier merger candidates, which may have mutual interests with you in the synergic benefits of entering a new market. We contact prospective candidates and initiate dialog to assess their interest in the idea of a merger.  Those who express interest are presented with a confidentiality agreement, and due diligence questions.

Proposal Formulation: Discussions with the selected merger candidate will follow a detailed proposal and negotiation strategy. Lev2Tech will outline and document the strategic and financial rationale for a merger, formally presenting your company and the opportunities that a merger would provide for both parties, as well as the shareholders.

Financial Model: The Merger Proposal also includes a financial model of the proposed merged company, featuring the wider market opportunity, competitive scope, opportunities for expansion, improved company structure, cost-effective benefits, and other potential value creation. These financial projections are based on a computer-driven analysis of  multiple scenarios and a range of outcomes.

Discussion Process: Regardless of which side you represent in merger exploration, Lev2Tech will manage all aspects of contact with the potential partner, arranging confidentiality agreements, distributing information, responding to questions and organizing meetings. Meanwhile, you are able to continue to focus on your business operations, while being continually updated regarding the progress of the discussions.

Preparing for Implementation: When a merger agreement is reached, our specialists coordinate and close all transactions and terms relating to the merger, with special attention to your business interests and needs. Lev2Tech will then draft a stage-by-stage schedule for executing the merger process in a timely manner, while also taking advantage of market trends and other business factors. Lev2Tech can draw on a network of contacts to secure financing for the merger, if desired.