How We Work: Lev2Tech in Profile

Consultancy: Lev2Tech serves as a sounding board for corporate decisions on acquisition, divestment and financing issues, providing comprehensive assessments of strategic opportunities, challenges and market trends, as well as legal issues affecting shareholders. Then, while our clients focus on business management, Lev2Tech empowers them with the financial relationships and resources to carry out corporate plans for mergers, acquisitions, sale of assets and financing.

Strategic Linkage: The interdisciplinary background of Lev2Tech includes experience both in technology and in business. This strategic linkage is vital for clients dealing with emerging technologies, where the earning potential depends not only on closing profitable deals and securing financing, but also on a grasp of the complex technology and its market value.

Selectivity: Lev2Tech focuses on a predetermined number of complex transactions each year, allowing us to invest deeply in each project. This can include companies undergoing operational and strategic restructuring, companies with multiple ownership, or other situations which require significant senior advisory expertise.

Partnership: Lev2Tech works very closely with company owners, CEOs, CFOs and asset development teams. We acquire intimate knowledge of all major aspects of our client’s business, assessing their business model, market positioning and potential for taking a larger market share. We ask, listen, exchange ideas, and then apply our multinational expertise to achieve your corporate goals. If desired, Lev2Tech can manage an entire transaction process.

Dedication: Lev2Tech advisors are actively involved throughout the project from initiation to successful conclusion. We are committed to promoting our client’s interests, with responsive attention to all issues of due diligence and best practice.

Values: Well-grounded expertise, professional standards of excellence, creative business solutions and transparency are all part of Lev2Tech’s corporate culture, leveraged for the benefit of our clients.