Special Situations

In contrast to general Lifecycle Challenges, a company might face a less drastic difficulty requiring a unique solution, or a need to recover from a one-time event. This can happen in family-owned businesses and corporate clients alike.

Lev2Tech can create a solution tailored precisely to the Special Situation in which your business finds itself, enabling better profitability and renewed corporate health. Following are some of the needs that qualify as Special Situations:

The proposed sale of under-performing, non-core businesses.

A recapitalization plan that requires capital to “bridge” the business across a temporary shortfall to profitability.

A need to build or rebuild capital reserves to fund future development.

A desire by owners to buy-out one or more shareholders.

The goal of downsizing moderately (reduce headcount or shut down one of several facilities).

A management gap, where key executives have left due to illness, death, or other reasons.

An impending debt maturity that must be refinanced at a time when the company’s financial condition or market outlook has made capital difficult to secure.

For more details about these services, go to: [link to seller situations]

Lev2Tech can likewise provide consultancy to a buyer company that is considering a transaction with a partner in one of these Special Situations. We advise on under-performing company purchases, recapitalization, and other potential ventures which can yield profits under the right conditions. For more details, go to: [link to buyer situations]