Lev2Tech offers tailored guidance in solving problems that can cause trouble for many business at different stages in the company’s lifecycle. We help you turn the difficulties into opportunities through strategic reassessment and timely response.

Recovery: When financial disaster or a market turn-down causes a business to falter, there are ways to get back on track toward a healthy and prosperous future. Lev2Tech brings an objective, professional perspective to the situation as we conduct a complete analysis of what went wrong and the best way to achieve a full recovery.

Restructuring: In many cases, downsizing and/or a different management structure can create a more favorable business environment for a company to recover. We will construct, and if desired fully manage, a comprehensive restructuring plan, including advice on how to present the move to company employees and shareholders, and monitoring of the plan’s progress. Lev2Tech can even provide an interim CEO/CFO or directorate for this purpose.

Liquidation and Bankruptcy: If our investigation finds that the condition of the company and stakeholder interests indicate the wisdom of closing the company, Lev2Tech will produce a proper wind-down plan and manage its execution in a discreet liquidation or through court bankruptcy procedures.
We give careful attention to operational issues involving employees, creditors, assets, and facility shutdown. Lev2Tech representatives will also deal with tax authorities, legal filing requirements, and other issues necessary for a clean closure.

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Buy-Side Challenges: Lev2Tech can likewise provide consultancy to a buyer that is considering a transaction with a company facing a Lifecycle Challenge. We specialize in advice and due diligence relating to the acquisition of a distressed target. For more details, go to: