Strategic Advisory Services

Global Review & Planning: Lev2Tech can draw on wide expertise in business consultancy to make you aware of potential opportunities for growing your company and building shareholder value. Through in-depth strategic, financial, and industry analyses, we supply you with the needed information to make smart long-term decisions for your company and shareholders.
Potential growth scenarios are based on your market trends, competitive positioning and opportunities for expansion.  Any transactions that can advance these goals are presented in a plan, together with proposed financing, restructuring, marketing and other strategies to help make them a reality.

Documented Valuations: Lev2Tech applies a wide range of methodologies for a comprehensive valuation analysis, with all the internal and external data needed for sound decision-making. We document our conclusions in a detailed report that is scaled to the depth of the requested valuation.

Expert Opinions: Acquisitions, divestitures, and reorganizations often require expert opinions on the fairness of the transaction’s terms.  These are typically rendered by investment bankers, but Lev2Tech is also qualified to provide such opinions.
We will report our findings to boards of directors, special committees, and other interested parties, concerning valuation and structure of the transaction, its formulation and timing, market factors, and the financial, accounting, and tax implications. When the context is legal, tax-related or regulatory, Lev2Tech provides expert witnesses to testify at the proceedings.

Distress Consultancy: Financial distress in a company can be caused by events beyond the firm’s control: contract or payment defaults, a strong market down-turn, a spike in raw material and energy costs, or a collapse in the local economy. It can also be caused by internal issues: an over-leveraged balance sheet, an obsolete business model, or other management errors. Lev2Tech can address all factors, working with company directors and senior management to evaluate strategic responses and facilitate a resolution.