Selling a Company

The catalyst might be a desire for strategic resizing in a changing market, transfer of an ownership stake, leverage through partial liquidity, or an offer from a would-be investor. When you decide to realize the financial value of a company or business investment, Lev2Tech will help you meet and even surpass your objectives.

With Lev2Tech as consultant, you will master the challenges of  selling a business, corporate divestment, and partial liquidity events –  complete with valuation analysis, strategic market timing, and negotiations that maximize profits. We create markets for privately owned or closely held businesses, and we guide you in dealing with both industry buying offers (strategic investments, competitor buy-outs and others) and institutional buyers (private equity).

The Sell-Side Service Process

Initial Research: In preparation for the sale offering, Lev2Tech assesses the market and industry conditions, and then matches this reality against your preferred goals (preserving company identity, maximizing shareholder profits, etc.). We also help you define and evaluate non-core assets for partial liquidity, providing you with all the internal and external data needed to make a sound decision on whether to sell all or a portion of the business.
We value the business based on its likely performance and earning potential under the ownership and management of a potential buyer. This strategy not only increases the likely sale price, but also expands the number of buyers that can be attracted, which energizes the bidding process.

Buyer Information: Lev2Tech presents the research results, in consultation with your company’s decision-makers, for presentation to potential buyers. Core points highlight the for-sale company’s current strategic market niche and financial value (including intangibles such as brand recognition and market network relationships), as well as documenting future opportunities for new value creation and brand expansion. The Lev2Tech report anticipates common due-diligence questions on balance sheet information and any other challenging issues.

Financial Model: We also build a detailed profit-loss projection (after-sale business plan) that accentuates the financial potential of your company, powered by the dynamics of your industry under various scenarios. We use analyses and detailed financial methodology to document the realistic prospects of profit.

Buyer Identification & Contact:  After analyzing the business environment, we determine the most likely buyers based on business compatibility and potential motivation, including those who may consider entering a new market by acquiring your business. Lev2Tech contacts prospective buyers on your behalf and evaluates their interest. We then establish confidentiality agreements, distribute information, and invite visitors to the site.

Managing Negotiation & Sale: We bring the sale to successful completion at the best possible terms, through commitment to your defined goals, and through creative negotiation in a competitive bidding environment. The legal complexities of the transaction are handled by Lev2Tech experts who are loyal to your interests.

Special Sell-Side Advice

Partial Liquidity & Retained Ownership: Extracting a portion of equity value from a company while retaining part ownership enables the owner to enjoy the benefits of future growth with the new partner.  In a family business, retained ownership may be a matter of principle. Lev2Tech can determine stock value and/or financing for a partial buy-out, while leaving the existing management in control.

Corporate Divestments: Selling a corporate division consisting of non-core assets is an important tactical tool for increasing shareholder value. Lev2Tech provides investment banking and divestiture solutions for public and private corporations, with the goal of improving overall valuation and enabling stronger focus on critical assets and operations.

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