General Advisory Issues

Due Diligence: This crucial step in all types of financing proposals and M&A transactions is handled by Lev2Tech’s staff and is based on long experience. We probe into possible risk factors in the target company, uncovering financial, operational, tax, human resource, legal and business aspects that can affect your decision. Our goal is to minimize your risk and give you the inside knowledge for a wise transaction.

Portfolio Risk Analysis: If your business is a VC, private equity firm, a holding company, bank or secured lender, your diversified portfolio can suffer from low-achiever businesses on one hand, and mistaken assumptions about promising companies on the other.
While you continue with business operations, Lev2Tech can perform a comprehensive review of your portfolio, assessing the overall risk factors and spotting any subtle signs of developing risk in high performers. We can perform this service on a one-time or ongoing basis, enabling you to improve the quality of your portfolio without having to invest the time in tracking each company’s progress.

Networking with the Far East

In response to strong market trends that focus on the Far East, Lev2Tech has established advisory services for connecting companies from East and West who want to develop business opportunities across the world. Our network of experienced advisors brings Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other Asian market players together with colleagues from North America, Israel and Europe, for mutually attractive opportunities and profitable cooperation.

Our services to Far Eastern customers include locating new technologies or new products for investment or joint ventures, conducting research on innovative technologies with investment potential, and reporting about selected target companies in the West, particularly in the vibrant high-tech sectors of Israel.

Lev2Tech also provides two-way cross-cultural support in negotiations and business agreements, as well as local representation in the West for business and legal issues.

Lev2Tech has enabled VC investments, joint ventures between Israeli and Asian companies, and distribution agreements between Asian companies and the West.  We maintain relationships with founders of start-ups and directors of established enterprises in cutting-edge industries, such as microchips, telecommunications, renewable energy, biomedical innovations and more.

Lev2Tech’s team understands the cultural differences between corporations in the Far East and in the West, as well as different ways of handling business, finance and international relations. We bring this knowledge to the table in every encounter between Asian and Western companies, bridging the gaps, establishing mutual interests and empowering communication.