Financial Consultancy

Growth capital is crucial for the success of a company, and sufficient funding is crucial for marketing, new product development, facility expansion, strategic acquisitions, and more. Recapitalisation is just as crucial for increasing liquidity or financing debt. Lev2Tech empowers businesses of all sizes through assistance in accessing new capital for many purposes.

Networking: We maintain strong relationships with institutional investors, buy-out investors, private equity firms, senior lenders and professional consultants, to put you in touch with the right capital partner that will share your goals and understand your challenges. Lev2Tech matches you with a capital partner based on size, industry focus, corporate culture and mutual interests. We create competition among multiple investors to provide you with the best possible pricing and terms.

Process Management: While each financing transaction is unique, the typical matching process in itself is complex. It includes development of a business plan and financial forecast, valuation and pricing, identifying and approaching potential investors, completion and distribution of needed information, preliminary due diligence, term sheet negotiation, final due diligence, deal structuring, documentation and closing. Through this detailed but effective process, our professionals work closely with you at every step to secure financing with optimal results.

Recapitalization: Based on experience, Lev2Tech can recommend options for recapitalization that involve adjustment of the company ownership structure without raising external capital. Generating liquidity from your equity, changing the mix of investors, or carrying out a management or leveraged buy-out can facilitate recapitalization. If more is needed, we can also help you access equity specifically targeted for corporate recapitalisation, through our relationships with traditional and non-traditional lenders.

Debt Financing or Restructure:  Lev2Tech can work with you to access new sources of debt financing, minimize the overall cost of borrowing, or terminate old loan terms that exceed current market rates. We aim to secure working capital with the maximum amount of financial flexibility. We match our sources of realistic capital to your capital structure and debt capacity for a favorable mix, such as a larger credit facility or more favorable borrowing terms.